Safe Industries Ltd has the experience, expertise and facilities to assist companies to plan and manage an effective cleaning programme of your industrial plant and equipment, be it a rolling project or part of an annual service.

With the cost of replacing industrial plant and equipment running into thousands of pounds, not to mention lost revenue due to being out of commission, an effective and regular cleaning programme is essential to prolonging the service life of your equipment and safeguarding production with minimum down time, providing an economised alternative, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Alternatively, having a dedicated team of engineers operating our in-house facilities, we can provide assistance reactively, should your plant or equipment suffer from breakdown or issues affecting production and/or quality due to contamination or product build-up.

 Safe Industries Ltd also has full in-house spray facilities where, upon completion of cleaning, we are able to paint, coat and/or line your plant and equipment, providing protection, whilst aesthetically enhancing the appearance. Utilising media’s including, but not limited to: single pack air drying, 2 pack epoxy, tank linings, intumescent coatings,  or indeed more specialised coatings systems upon request

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