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Commercial Blast Cleaning

This service is designed to incorporate all aspects of commercial blast cleaning. Here at Safe Industries we tailor suit our service to offer the customer the best package available to their requirements.   

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Please see below the various examples and services that we offer for Commercial Blast Cleaning.

  • Brick 
  • Wooden Structures
  • Stone
  • Vehicle's
  • Architectural Reclamation
  • Structural Steel work 
  • Cast Iron - Columns, Fireplace's, etc 
  • Industrial Plant Equipment  

Safe Industries also undertake the application of Protective and Specialist Coatings.Please see our services for more details.

Our Commercial Blast cleaning provides a efficient and low environmental impact approach to the cleaning of buildings and architectural structures.Utilizing various low impact media,are able to remove Carbon deposit's, Paint and other contaminants from virtually any surface.